Yang Yang plays different roles and performs delicately

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  天游平台报道,Yang Yang has played many different types of roles. After years of accumulation, his plasticity is very high and his performance is delicate. He has great potential for improvement. As for the expression in acting, in fact, in addition to facial muscles are expressions, the eyes are also very important expressions. Eyes are the window to the soul. The more silent a character is, the more his inner drama needs to be interpreted through eyes. Eyes can contain seven emotions and six desires. There are plenty of examples of the tradeoff between good looks and acting, as he himself did with Leonardo dicaprio. Let's hope he can balance the two too.

  This kind of thing must be years of training to be possible, now there are very few young best actor, especially in China can basically do not play is very good. I hope he can first pick up some good scripts and better team cooperation, so that there will be better progress! Always feel that his book is not particularly brilliant, are Su, cool, handsome, this kind of role is not easy to hone the acting, always repeat. But anyway he went to that station or very good look, always give me a kind of idol burden especially heavy feeling. His original intention for the role of IP novel screenwriter is to restore the original work, to tell the truth, the role richness of the original work is very low only responsible for playing handsome flirt, practice the most basic frustration and so on, it is hard to imagine how to play him the ultimate acting, role life is still too little. The lines are also changeable according to the specific situation, which is based on a deep understanding of the characters and a grasp of human nature. The best example of the expressiveness of sound is listening to radio plays.

 Yang Yang

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