In private Bian Bo Xian is very cute, he is not the same on stage

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  天游平台报道,Small make up just started like exobiology because another player (actually I give me early roommates amway, I'm not too cold), da behind the stage, suddenly saw a boy walking in the past, just curious, feeling a flexible, very good performance, and the whole makeup look very delicate, I asked my roommates who he is, ha ha, at that time face recognize not whole). Then I went to see my brother, and I knew that this kid was not simple and had too many jokes. Besides, he is good at taking care of other teammates when he climbs ladders and travels. What attracts me most is his contrast and moteness. He's really cute when he's not wearing makeup. He has a small face and looks very sunny. It is not difficult for excellent Aidou to win the respect of the younger generation and the following of the fans, but at the same time, it is rare to get so much more than just a casual favor and appreciation from the older generation.

  They have been in this circle for so long and have seen many things thoroughly, so it is commendable for them to like him so much. There is a very circle of pink is his sense of variety, every time when he saved back, never receive less than the stem, if I am MC really very fond of this kind of person because never afraid of embarrassment, so many MC special love Cue he is not without reason, very valuable is, It's a treasure trove of guys who keep letting people say they don't speak up. Because he really worth like ah, if you just look at his stage or mv, you will find that he is shining on stage, singing beautiful, looks good, but you go to see him again variety, you will find that his private not so thick makeup is cute and especially on the stage he totally changed, there is a contrast is lovely, but also have a lot of infarction was very funny! In short, he won't regret it!

 Bian Bo Xian

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