Always think impassable, have no what magnum opus of she is how fire?

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  天游平台报道,In the general population, there is a saying that God will never fail anyone who tries hard. However, in the entertainment industry, this saying is not so important. Why do you say so? If you know about some stars in the entertainment circle, they may find that as long as they have a high level of appearance, basic can fire out of the circle, today we are going to talk about Zhao Lusi is such. Originally zhao Lu Si is a net red, but later I don't know why, suddenly entered the entertainment circle, and also appeared in a lot of net drama works, but also are the main female. But even so, there are very few works in which Ruth Zhao can be called a name, let alone a masterpiece. Think about the fact that the style of her work is almost the same, the makeup is almost the same, and every show has weird accents that make it so awkward.

  Even so, like to see Zhao Lu Si play fans or very many, people scratching their heads, is it just because of the sweet appearance of Zhao Lu Si? But also reasonable, now 23, conferring, though not the one to them for ten thousand of the United States, but her face little meat but let a person, also is very lovely, especially when she laughed, is to let a person feel the whole world were cured, she probably also is so, so she will have so many fans? In the hands and feet between all show goddess breath, in the entertainment industry can not have a few flow florets can do. But to say the same, as an actress, if we don't hone our acting skills, just rely on the appearance level of the circle, but I believe that after a few years, her popularity will be exhausted, so I still hope to call Ruth can have their representative work as soon as possible, not just to make fun of the bo famous.

 Zhao lusi

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